Aperitivos Latinos / Latin Bites

Yuquita Frita con Salsa de Cilantro - 5

Yucca Fries with Cilantro Sauce

Empanadillas con Pebre - 4

Crisp Empanadas served with Spicy Chilean Cilantro Sauce

Beef Picadillo / Spinach & Cheese / Chicken
Guava & Cheese Empanadillas con Pebre
Quesadilla de Hongos - 5

Corn Dough Quesadillas filled with

Mushrooms / Jalapeños / Fresh Cheese
Ceviche de Camarón - 10

Ceviche – Jumbo Shrimp with yellow tamarillo Sauce,

served on Ripe Plantain and Toasted Andean Corn

Patatas Bravas - 6

Pan Fried Potatoes Drenched in a Spicy Tomato and Smoked Paprika Sauce

Papa Rellena - 4

Cuban Style Mashed Potato Ball
Filled with Beef Picadillo & Ecuadorian Ají Relish

Mariquitas - 4

Tropical plantains Chips with Dipping Sauce

Croquetas de Jamón - 4

Cuban Ham Croquettes with Dipping Sauce

Chorizo Encebollado - 7

Sautéed Chorizo with Onions and Green Olives

Albondiguitas de Carne - 7

Tiny Cuban-Style Meatballs in a Savory Sofrito Sauce

Pimientos del Piquidillo Rellenos de Frijol
Refrito y tres Quesos - 8

Piquillo Peppers Filled with Refried Beans and
Three Spanish Cheeses

Plato de Chango - 15

Assortment of classic Cuban appetizers

Platos Fuertes / Main Dishes

Served with Rice and Beans
Picadillo “Jinetero” con Dos Huevos Fritos a Caballo - 14

Cuban-Style Beef Hash with Two Fried Eggs, and Ripe Plantains

Ropa Vieja - 15

Classic Cuban – Shredded Beef and Peppers Braised in a tomato wine Sauce

Churrasco con Chimichurri - 24

Skirt Steakgrilled and served with chimichurri Sauce

Vaca Frita - 16

Pan fried shredded beef, garlic and red onions with  touch of fresh lime

Enchiladas de Pollo - 18

Chicken Enchiladas with a Green Tomatillo-Hoja Santa Sauce,

Refried Beans, and Mexican Cream

Anticuchos-Pinchos de Pollo Peruanos - 16

Peruvian style, marinated chiden and sweet potato skewers,

served with rice and white beans

Pechuga de Pollo Adobada con
Escabeche de Calabaza - 15

Grilled Marinated Chicken, Caribbean Pumpkin in Olive Oil and Vinegar 

Escabeche Sauce with Fire-Roasted Peppers, Onions, and Olives

Pollo con Mole Oaxaqueño - 18

Chicken with Authentic Oaxacan Mole, Rice Tortillas

Cerdo Brujo con Yuca - 18

Roasted Pork Marinated in an Allspice-Cumin Adobo served

with a  Yuca in Garlic Mojo Sauce

Chuleta de Cerdo Frita - 15

Marinated center cut pork chops, lighty fried

Camarones Coloraditos - 20

Marinated center cut pork chops, lighty fried

Chuleta de Cerdo Frita - 15

Shrimp in Red Mole Sauce over Fresh Corn

Cuban-Style and Polenta, Sautéed Kale

Salmon Caribeño - 18

Seared Salmon, topped with Mango Sauce

Filete de pescado a la plancha - 14

Filet of fish, lightly pan roasted

Pargo Frito - 20

Marinated Caribbean Red Snapper, fried Golden,

topped with red onions and fresh lime

Sopas / Soups

Sopa de Pollo con cilantro - 4

Chicken Cilantro Soup     

Add Avocado - 1.5
Frijoles Negros - 4

Cuban Black Beans, Vegetarian

Menestra de Frijoles Blancos Piurana - 5

Vegetarian White Bean Stew with Mirasol Pepper

Salads – Ensaladas

Criolla Mixta - 5

Mixed Green

Cubana - 9

Avocado, Pineapple, Mixed Greens, Olive Oil Garlic Vinaigrette

Aguacate con cebolla roja - 5

Fresh slice Avocado topped with red onion



Shredded Chicken

Ropa Vieja

Shredded Beef


 Roasted Pork

Queso Frito

 Fried Cheese




  Kale sautéed with Garlic

Tamales / Tamale

Tamal Cubano de Maíz Tierno - 5

Cuban Tamal of Fresh Grated Corn Steamed in Corn
Husk, served with a Spicy Sauce

Tamal de Pollo y Rajas - 6

Corn dough Tamale Stuffed with Chicken and Strips of
Jalapeño chiles, Tomatillo Avocado Leaf, and Hoja Santa Sauce

Tamal de Pollo con Mole Rojo - 6

Oaxacan Chicken and Red Mole Tamale

Menu de Niños / Kid’s Menu

Served with Rice & Beans or French Fries
Pechuguita de pollo - 8

Junior Grilled chicken breast

Churrasquito - 10

Junior grilled skirt steak

Deditos de Pollito - 7

Homemade Chicken fingers


Add an order of French fries or house salad for only 2.50
Cubano - 8

Cuban Sandwich (roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese,
and pickle on Cuban bread)

Medianoche - 7

Midnight (Just like the cubano but on a sweet roll)

Pan con Lechón - 8

Roasted Pork, Cuban Mojo, and Grilled Onions

Pechuga de Pollo Adobada a la Brasa - 8

Grilled Marinated Chicken breast

Pan con Bistec Guaro - 10

Venezuelan Steak and Sautéed Onions,

dressed with a delicious garlic sauce

Tostadas con Tinga - 12

Crisp Corn Tortillas Topped with Refried Beans, Shredded
Chicken in a Chipotle Sauce, shredded Cabbage, and Fresh Cheese

Tostada de Pan Planchado - 2

Pressed Cuban Toast


For Vegetable Lovers
Plato Vegetariano - 12

Vegetarian Platter

Mole de Plátano - 12

A delicious Guatemalan Recipe of Plantains in Mole Sauce, served with Rice and Black Beans

Acompanantes – Side Dishes

Tostones - 4

Fried Green Plantains with Garlic Mojo

Plátanos Maduros - 4

Fried Ripe sweet Plantains

Tajadas de maduro con Queso y Crema - 5

                Ripe sweet Plantains with Cheese and Mexican Cream

Fufú de Plátano - 5

Garlicky Plantain Puree

Couve a Mineira - 5

Finely Shredded Kale Sauteed with Garlic

Yuca Hervida con mojo - 4

Finely Shredded Kale Sauteed with Garlic

Huevos Frito (2) - 3

Fried eggs 

Arroz Blanco - 2

Steamed White Rice

Add to your salad

Pollo a la Parrilla / Grilled Chicken 6
Churrasco a la Parrilla / Grilled Skirt steak 10
Camarón a la Parilla / Grilled Shrimp 8
Aguacate / Avocado 2.50